Jared and Makenna Couple Shoot | downtown SLC| Jessica Janae

This was a fun stylized shoot I had been wanting to do for a while. Yes Makenna is engaged to Aaron her awesome fiance, Jared and Makenna are just my two super good friends who said yes to modeling for me 🙂 just so there is no confusion haha !

We shot these wayyyy back  in the winter I think? jeez I dont know. I cant keep up with all the fun shoots I do cuz I never get free time to edit them!

Anyways, I love the old time feel to these.. running around the city in their fancy get ups. It was a chilly day but sunny. We explored Trolly Square which is like pretty much abandoned now so it was perfect!

Vivian did the hair and makeup 🙂 http://www.vivianmakeupartist.com/


I think this first shot of Jared is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. It wasn’t planned.


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Makenna Fashion Shoot| Jessica Janae Studios SLC | Fashion photographer

We shot these months ago. For Makenna’s BDAY. Finally got around to finishing them

We have kind of a lot of fun shooting.. a few days before we send inspiration pics back and forth. Then Makenna brings a laundry basket full of a zillion clothes to the shoot, we throw things on and get real.

The amazing makeup was done by Jade of Kissable Complexions http://kissablecomplexions.com/
2014-09-17_0005fashion shoot slc

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Kamille and Christian Family shoot | Jessica Janae

THIS family.

Christian is my best friends big brother 🙂 He is such an awesome guy. I’ve known Kamille for a long time as well, she does my hair! She’s the mastermind who did my blue ombre this past year. it was sick.

Their cute round human is named Millie. She is the chubbiest ball of sweetness.

So this shoot was just crazy and awesome. all the ideas we had turned out exactly how I wanted. It even rained the day we shot. like a lot. but we still pulled it off 🙂 and can we talk about how they both look like greek gods?! ya just wait till the last pics..

you can follow Kamille here ! http://www.bubsyandmo.com/moblog/2014-09-15_0002

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2014-09-15_0033 2014-09-15_0034 2014-09-15_0035 2014-09-15_0036 2014-09-15_0037 2014-09-15_0038

Makenna and Aaron Engagements | Sand Dunes | Jessica Janae

My beautiful little friend Makenna is getting married and its blowing my mind!!! I love this girl a lot. Never thought there would come a day that she found someone good enough for her. But oh man she did. Aaron is PERFECT for her. The first day I met him I left knowing they would get married someday. It was a little sooner than I thought haha

Aaron is from England so he has the most gorgeous accent and knows how to dress 🙂 Makenna is of course stunning, and has been my use for 4 years. So them together is just ridiculous.

We drove 2 hours to get to this location and Im sooooo glad we did. It was so gorgeous. there was a crazy thunder storm happening behind them the entire time. We lucked out cuz it stayed just the right distance from us. it made the sky look pretty amazing though.

My second shooter was Whitney Kofford, our new photographer So some of these images were shot by her as well. I bet you cant tell who shot what right? good thats the point 🙂 she’s awesome

Makenna’s dress is from Nordstrom and Aaron’s sick custom suit is from http://www.tgsupplyco.com/

Makenna’s Hair and makeup was done by my fave http://vivianmakeupartist.com/

2014-09-14_0001 2014-09-14_0002 2014-09-14_0003 2014-09-14_0004 2014-09-14_0005 2014-09-14_0006 2014-09-14_0007 2014-09-14_0008 2014-09-14_00092014-09-15_0039 2014-09-14_0010 2014-09-14_0011 2014-09-14_0012 2014-09-14_0013 2014-09-14_0014 2014-09-14_0015 2014-09-14_0016 2014-09-14_0017 2014-09-14_0018 2014-09-14_0019 2014-09-14_0020 2014-09-14_0021 2014-09-14_0022 2014-09-14_0023 2014-09-14_0024 2014-09-14_0025 2014-09-14_0026 2014-09-14_0027
2014-09-14_0029 2014-09-14_0030 2014-09-14_0031 2014-09-14_0032 2014-09-14_0033 2014-09-14_0034 2014-09-14_0035


Natasha and Tanner Engagements | Park City, Utah Photographer

So I had a first with this shoot. I drove from Bountiful to the mouth of the Parleys canyon and realized I forgot my camera bag. Photographer’s worst night mare ! haha I was FREAKING out. So embarrassed. and really there was nothing to do but to turn around and get it then meet my couple almost 40 min late cuz of course its rush hour. Luckily this couple was way chill so they didn’t mind at all. phew.

We went around some pretty fields in park city, and then to main street. The light was so beautiful and the sky looked so pretty. Walking around with them just doing whatevs and being weird was perfect for their pics.

IMG_3564 IMG_3537 IMG_3505 IMG_3500 IMG_3496 IMG_3491 IMG_3473 IMG_3450 IMG_3439 IMG_3417 IMG_3400 IMG_3368 IMG_3358 IMG_3350 IMG_3371 IMG_3384 IMG_3388 IMG_3390 IMG_3442 IMG_3459 IMG_3464 IMG_3466 IMG_3479 IMG_3589 IMG_3611 IMG_3616 IMG_3621 IMG_3632 IMG_3666 IMG_3676 IMG_3680 IMG_3683 IMG_3694 IMG_3699 IMG_3708 IMG_3718 IMG_3752 IMG_3755 IMG_3769 IMG_3792 IMG_3799