Ivy and Ara Engagements|Whitney Kofford|Sundance Resort, Utah

The moment Ivy and Ara stepped out of the car, I knew something magical was about to happen.  As if shooting engagements at Sundance Utah wasn’t beautiful enough, she had this gaze that I am sure made him weak at the knees.  Thanks to the lovely Ivy, we were able to access areas of the mountain that were only available to employees.  It’s not just ever Joe Schmo that gets to enjoy these beautiful views.  It truly did have a delightful time with these two.  We laughed, we cried, and then we had coffee with Robert Redford while we watched some Sundance films (those last three things….not really.)  It truly was a great night with great company.  Sessions like these always remind me why my job really is so great.  They were just lovely, those two!


Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements33 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements32 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements31 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements30 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements29 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements28 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements27 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements26 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements25 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements24 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements23 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements22 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements21 Ivy and Arra Sundance Utah Engagements 1 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements17 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements16 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements15 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements14 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements13 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements12 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements11 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements10 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements9 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements8 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements7 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements6 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements5 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements4 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements3 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements2 Ivy and Ara Sundance Utah engagements1

Morgan and Dan Wedding | This is the Place Heritage Park | SLC, Utah

This couple is nuts. in the best of ways. I just laugh the whole time I’m shooting them. They go from being insane and goofy and hilarious to seriously sexy faces in a split second. They have mad skill.

The wedding was beautiful. They chose the coolest location for the ceremony, I’ve never seen someone use that little old house and orchard before, it was so quaint and pretty.

The made everything, it was all DIY which i find very impressive when brides do that these days. The reception was alot of fun, delicious food, and and insane dance party. There were a lot of dance pics that were a little too cray cray (you guys know what ones I’m talking about haha)

Morgan and Dan I loved shooting you, i hope you have babies soon so we can shoot more!! haha



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As of Late with Albion Fit | Albion Fit Fashion Shoot | Salt Lake City, UT

I’ve been shooting some awesome items for Albion Fit lately, I just love every piece!!

We shot these in downtown Salt Lake and at some local parks in Bountiful and Woodscross. I wanted the shoots to look  just like real moms just out jogging with their babes 🙂 Both the mom models in these shots are actual moms and the babies are their actual babies haha. A lot of people dont believe they are actual moms but THEY ARE! And they’re just gorgeous and healthy and fit. Such inspirations.

Heres some of my fave shots from the past few shoots!




Next Level Business! | Jessica Janae Photography Business Seminar


FINALLY! The business seminar we have been talking about for so long is here.

August 2nd held at our downtown SLC studio. {ONLY 20 SPOTS AVAILABLE}

If you want to know how I took my business from a one man show, super unorganized, not making nearly what I deserved for a simple Utah wedding to a full service photography business, with a 5 member team, downtown studio and shooting international weddings then this seminar is for YOU! 

Hear from guest speaker Tanner Bell, President and Co-Founder of Ragnar Events, about how he created a charismatic brand that both engages and inspires consumers. More than just an identity or logo, Bell provides first-hand examples of what makes a successful brand. This includes ideas on how to make your organization standout from emerging competitors and changing marketplaces, and how to create an inspiring platform that builds consumer loyalty.

You don’t even have to be a photographer to come, ANY web based business would benefit from the seminar. 

They will be teaching online marketing, successful use of social media, how to convert leads into profit and much more!


There will be 3 speakers at the seminar ,


Guest Speaker      Tanner Bell (Co-Founder Ragnar Relay Events, LLC)





Tanner Bell is a Co-founder of the Ragnar Relay Series. He manages the development and implementation of the strategic marketing initiatives, brand strategy and public relations for Ragnar, the largest endurance event series in the world! He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems Management from Brigham Young University in 2005. Ragnar Events, LLC was co-founded in 2004 by childhood friends Dan Hill and Tanner Bell with an idea to run an overnight 24-hour relay across the mountains of Utah. The dream became reality with the first Wasatch Back Relay, spanning 188 miles from Logan to Park City, UT in 2004. Since then, the Ragnar Relay Series has grown from a single relay in Utah to the largest overnight relay series in the nation. The Ragnar Relay Series now has 21 races scheduled for 2014 and continues to grow in size and participant numbers. Ragnar is based in Salt Lake City, UT. 



Chris Cahoon   Marketing Strategist

 (who I met about a year and a half ago. He is the brains behind the sky rocket of my business in the last year.) 

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 7.01.48 PM

Relocating from southern California, Chris started in the industry at the age of 21. Chris fell in Love with the production side of the industry and in 2009 started his second endeavor with two of his buddies, Prettybird LLC as a wedding videography company which evolved into a full service production company producing music videos, short films and commercials for business and non profits. in 2012 they completed their first full length feature film which was accepted to many film festivals. 


Jon Briggs  Studio manager, Business relations manager and one of the owners of Jessica Janae Photography.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 7.02.45 PM

Jon is our dynamic professional, with extensive experience in customer relations, mentoring, training, writing and public speaking. He wears multiple hats here at Jessica Janae Studios and is knows around here as the “one man show.” Add to this guys resume a strong artistic background in interior and conceptual design and you have a professional uniquely prepared for this business endeavor.


Like we said before, there will be 20 spots available- so first come first serve!

It will be a long amazing day of information that we do not share with just anyone. 

The seminar  schedule will be released within the week so stay tuned. 

Please email jon@jessicajanae.com for all the details and to reserve a spot!