Cara Loren Maternity Shoot | Salt Lake City, Utah

Gosh do I love this beautiful little family. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

This shoot kind of speaks for itself. Her flowing bright dress and flowing blonde hair , cute little bump over looking a city and gorgeous cloudy sunset i mean com on!

see Cara’s outfit details on her blog

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enjoy these swoon worthy pics

IMG_0012 IMG_0022 IMG_0031 IMG_0036 IMG_0058 IMG_0070 IMG_0074 IMG_0104 IMG_0105 IMG_0115 IMG_0121 IMG_0150 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0173 IMG_0187 IMG_0190 IMG_0200 IMG_0209 IMG_0222 IMG_0227

Emily & Alex Bridal Shoot | Salt Lake City, Utah

We had the WORST luck with weather. For their engagement shoot it POURED rain.. and I mean like buckets dumped on your head type of rain. We made it look cute of course, but still what bride wants an insane rain storm on her shoot? Then on the day of the bridal shoot it was super stormy once again so we had to reschedule to this day which thank the heavens above was perfection!

Then this past week I shot their wedding and guess what the forecast was? RAINNNNNNNN! I was so scared because I just wanted her to be happy on her wedding day and know that the pictures would be beautiful. But I woke up the day of their wedding and it was gorgeous out. Blue blue sky with scattered puffy clouds and sun. All the best things for outdoor wedding pictures 🙂 wedding day miracle! haha


IMG_6211 IMG_6251 IMG_6257 IMG_6272 IMG_6279 IMG_6289 IMG_6324 IMG_6333 IMG_6358 IMG_6361 IMG_6364 IMG_6427 IMG_6484 IMG_6498 IMG_6500 IMG_6511 IMG_6560 IMG_6572 IMG_6579 IMG_6595 IMG_6609 IMG_6628 IMG_6638 IMG_6648 IMG_6650 IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6672 IMG_6706 IMG_6732 IMG_6767 IMG_6778 IMG_6781 IMG_6798 IMG_6825 IMG_6878 IMG_6906

Amber Clark Maternity shoot | Salt Lake City, Utah | Maternity photography

This beautiful momma gave birth to her chubby cute son at  3:30am this morning and I was lucky enough to be there 🙂

So I thought it was about time to post her super gorgeous maternity shoot!

Amber rocked at being pregnant and she’s gonna rock at being a mommy.

-side note- the second half of this shoot as gorgeous as it looks was quite painful for all of us to shoot seeing as there were insane amounts of bugs attacking us. literally in our mouths and noses and ears and hair haha it was insane.

IMG_3086 IMG_3095 IMG_3129 IMG_3136 IMG_3142 IMG_3178 IMG_3186 IMG_3190 IMG_3257 IMG_3271 IMG_3285 IMG_3295 IMG_3312 IMG_3316 IMG_3322 IMG_3339 IMG_3347 IMG_3352 IMG_3364 IMG_3386 IMG_3396 IMG_3406 IMG_3413 IMG_3422 IMG_3427 IMG_3432 IMG_3434 IMG_3456 IMG_3471 IMG_3485 IMG_3498 IMG_3501 IMG_3510 IMG_3514 IMG_3525 IMG_3555 IMG_3575

Chelsea and Josh | Bridal shoot | American Fork, Utah

Oh this shoot was heavenly… We had a hard time coming up with a location, she really wanted mountains with possibly some wild flowers, but everywhere i checked out still had snow where wild flowers used to be.

So we took a chance on this location which neither of us had been to before so I was just praying that it was beautiful because it took us a long time to drive there. It exceeded my expectations, that mountain landscape with them in their formal wear was just breathtaking.

Chelsea looked like perfection, her hair and makeup doneby  IMG_1981IMG_1989IMG_2014IMG_2018IMG_2024IMG_2026IMG_2033IMG_2038IMG_2043IMG_2045IMG_2051IMG_2058IMG_2066IMG_2072IMG_2086IMG_2100IMG_2132IMG_2164IMG_2168IMG_2174IMG_2179IMG_2192IMG_2199IMG_2216IMG_2231IMG_2237IMG_2247IMG_2455IMG_2448IMG_2436IMG_2273IMG_2335IMG_2305IMG_2346IMG_2349IMG_2357IMG_2377IMG_2420IMG_2417IMG_2416

Brielle and Jess engagements | Salt Lake City, UT |Whitney

Hey! it’s Whitney! the new photog here at Jessica Janae Photography. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t a little nervous for this shoot.  It was my very first time shooting for Jessica Janae and also the client was expecting Jessica herself.  Due to the fact that Jessica was in the hospital about to have her baby, some plans changed.  The were (luckily) stuck with me 🙂 

It was a cloudy and blustery day outside.  It seemed everyone was a little nervous about the conditions.  After the lovely Briellle was finished with hair and makeup we just jumped right in.  We started shooting on the edge of a rooftop, climbed a rickety, old ladder, and let the wind do its thing.  It was an adventure to say the least.  Brielle and Jess were up for anything.  Three minutes into shooting I could already tell we were going to have some serious fun.  Give me clients who will scale a wall, brave a windstorm, and do it all in a vintage dress and suspenders and I’m a happy girl!  I truly had so much fun meeting and photographing Brielle and Jess. Now let’s just say what we are all thinking…. she’s gorgeous!

IMG_0448 F25A5987

IMG_0611 IMG_0547 F25A6221 F25A6220 F25A6188 F25A6175 F25A6136 F25A6112IMG_0760 IMG_0756 IMG_0733 F25A6423 F25A6247 F25A6241 F25A6239 F25A6389 F25A6367 F25A6360 F25A6331F25A6738 F25A6569

Rachel+Nico | Park City engagement shoot | Amanda

This engagement Session was definitely a lesson in “just winging it”. When I first started talking to Rachel about her engagements we had set a certain place to meet up by Park City and everything was squared away and set….Until I show up to the location and it doesn’t look anything like it did a week earlier. So what did we do? Met up in the Whole Foods parking lot, hopped in Nico’s car and headed up to Deer Valley to just “find” a location. Wanna guess who was sweating bullets at this point? Yep. Me. We literally drove up a mountain in deer valley, pulled off to the side of the road, went on a hike (them in all of their nice, expensive clothes) and shot on the side of a mountain. For just “winging” it and pulling off the side of the road in Deer Valley-I think we did a pretty good job. It also doesn’t hurt anything that they’re both absolutely beautiful. I love working with Clients that are up for anything and so fun to shoot in crazy situations. Rachel and Nico are defiantly those clients.


IMG_0111-Edit-Edit IMG_0121-Edit IMG_0130-Edit IMG_0136-Edit IMG_0149-Edit IMG_0152 IMG_0156-Edit IMG_0162 IMG_0176 IMG_0181 IMG_0188-Edit IMG_0195 IMG_0203 IMG_0220-Edit IMG_0251-Edit IMG_0288 IMG_0292-Edit IMG_0327-Edit IMG_0339-Edit IMG_0341-Edit IMG_0360 IMG_0371 IMG_0375-Edit IMG_0385 IMG_0400-Edit IMG_0401-Edit IMG_0405-Edit IMG_0419-Edit IMG_0448-Edit IMG_0454 IMG_0464 IMG_0531-Edit IMG_0537-Edit IMG_0551-Edit

Jordyn and Kellan Bridals |Thanksgiving pointe| Utah Bridal Photographer

I realized yesterday that I never posted these beautiful bridals! If you follow me on Instagram you know how in love I am with this couple. I have a crush on them. haha. They are the sweetest most down to earth funny and gorgeous people sheesh. I look like a joke next to them. They just got married this past weekend in the SLC temple and are now on their honeymoon! They’re just gonna have an amazing life.

We shot these at Thanksgiving pointe. Right before we started it was cloudy and rainy, I was so frustrated driving out there cuz I needed sun for these pics! Then right when the couple got there and we walked to the garden the sun can peeking out of the clouds. It was perfection! I absolutely LOVED Kellan’s suit and bow tie. Its very “Chuck Bass ” (if any of you are obsessed with Gossip Girl like me). I don’t really see that berry color combo often but I loved it, especially against Jordyn’s blonde hair. it was just all together magic!

IMG_0002 IMG_0033 IMG_0049 IMG_0109 IMG_0125 IMG_0142 IMG_0237 IMG_0243 IMG_0258 IMG_0265 IMG_0276 IMG_9865 IMG_9876 IMG_9923 IMG_9993 IMG_9997 IMG_0150 IMG_0180 IMG_0192 IMG_0196 IMG_0204 IMG_0210 IMG_0226 IMG_0292 IMG_0340 IMG_0354 IMG_0368 IMG_0412 IMG_0415 IMG_0428 IMG_0488 IMG_0529 IMG_0538 IMG_0576 IMG_0586 IMG_0588