Naomi test shoot | Los Angeles, California

We went down to California to shoot for Albion Fit and decided to go ahead and do a creative model test shoot while we were there.  Vivian Make Up Artist agreed to come on the shoot with me.  She did so much more than make up that trip!  I wouldn’t have been able to pull this shoot off without her help between driving us all over, making sure I didn’t fall over a cliff seeing as I was super pregnant on the top of a very scary cliff over the ocean.

So I always have a vision in my head of what I want a shoot to look like including the clothing. I first wanted to do a bridal feel and then a more fashion feel.  I brought some clothing with me but when I arrived this amazingly beautiful model Naomi from Newmark Model Mgnt was so petite none of the clothes I brought fit!  After a few seconds of panic I rushed over to a local store and bought some clothes off their clearance racks that I made into some cool outfits.

After the hair and makeup was finished we headed off to the beaches, which were way farther away than we thought and we already didn’t have as much time in the sun as we wanted.  Add to that the crazy clothing search and we were in danger of not having the sunset that I wanted.  We had a few minutes of sunset then it was gone over the horizon.  As seems to happen so often the potential disaster turned into something beautiful.  With the sun down the light was  really unique and pink which was gorgeous with the sequins and the color of the water.. I was pretty happy with the end result

hair and makeup cred-

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WELCOME WHITNEY! Newest member of the Jessica Janae team

We are so excited to announce a new photographer to our team, Whitney Kofford!

She has been shooting for almost 10 years, the past few years in California working with Mi Belle Photographers.

She has such a natural eye and is a master with post processing.

Whitney specializes in Family, newborn and wedding photography!

In honor of Whitney’s first week here we want to give anyone who books with us this week $100 off a family or newborn shoot and $300 off any wedding package!! Mention this post about Whitney when you email us!

check out a few of my faves from her portfolio!

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Jordan Christiansen Senior Pictures | Salt Lake City Utah | Amanda

Is it pathetic to admit that high school was one of my favorite times of my life? Well, regardless if its lame to admit that or not-it was. My senior year especially. I was involved in choir, theater, stage crew…all the nerdy, socially awkward things a girl can do in high school (that and being an avid member of the Nintendo64 club. Don’t ever challenge me at Mario Kart unless you want to lose). One of the biggest things I regret about my senior year however, is not taking senior pictures. I mean, my mom took me down the street in my Madrigal jacket and snapped a few against a rock wall-but I’ve always wished I had actual photos of me during that time of my life. Now that I’m almost 24, have a one year old and work full time, it would be nice to look back at cute pictures of me when I was 18 with long, pretty hair, cute new clothes and didn’t have a care in the world. I think that’s the reason why I love taking senior pictures so much. It’s so fun for me to see all these cute kids getting ready to transition out of high school into all the exciting things ahead of them. It’s even more fun when I have seniors as cute as Jordan. Pretty in pink and the easiest person to shoot. You would never guess we had absolutely terrible wind and rain the day we shot these-because this girl absolutely rocked it.



Emileeann senior shoot | Salt Lake City, Utah

This senior session was a dream. Emileeann is BEAUTIFUL, her dress was perfectly simple and pretty and you just cant go wrong with this amazing location and lighting..

We shot these out at the Great Salt Lake. Early that day it was raining, then right before the shoot the sun came peeking out. Those kinds of days always make for the best light.

I love capturing movement in my images. Wether its the subject laughing or dancing or fixing their hair etc I think it shows so much more of the person and adds so much more emotion to the images. This shoot I would definitely say has a lot of movement.

Movement and light. My fave combination.

Desert Bridal Shoot with Maskcara |Las Vegas, Nevada

This shoot happened a few months back and I’ve been waiting a bit to post it 🙂

I went down to Vegas to do a shoot for the amazing Cara Brooks from the blog and makeup line Maskcara.

About two hours before the shoot our model sent me a text telling me that she was on her way to the hospital so she wouldn’t be able to do the shoot. You can imagine how much I freaked out. I was all the way down in Vegas and had this model planned for weeks. So I started posting everywhere and texting everyone on the planet and finally found Sydni. She saved our butts last minute! Sydni is a showgirl in Vegas and is probably the cutest little human you ever saw.

This shoot was a styled bridal shoot where beforehand Cara did a “dont” look on the model showing what NOT to do with your wedding day makeup then a “do” look. Then we shot the full awesome shoot with the DO makeup obviously haha.  Here’s a link to Cara’s post! shot 2014-05-07 at 10.22.05 AM

We set up a little tent on a hill in the middle of a very popular tourist spot called Red Rocks State Park to get ready. We had to find a perfect spot on the first try because the park is set up with a one way road.  If you pass by a place you have to drive 20 miles back around to get to it again.  Everyone was staring at us while we were getting the model ready and keep the tent from flying away cuz of the insane wind haha.

I wanted a very rustic desert look with sage brush, cactus and red rocks.  It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been–it turned out perfect.  I have a thing for the beauty of the desert.

The whole team was there in Vegas and we had a blast. We are all such weirdo’s if you cant tell.. I brought my baby to Vegas as well. see if you can spot her in the desert haha.Untitled-1


Cara got the gorgeous dress at Free People, I made the headpiece and bouquet out of weeds we found on the side of the road haha. And thats how its done 🙂