Desert Fashion Shoot for Art Meets Fashion, Utah fashion photographer

This shoot was for Art Meets Fashion, a multi-city event that merges local art with local fashion to benefit local causes :

The gowns were designed by Rebecca Fenton:

We shot these in desert found about 40 min outside SLC on the way to Wendover.

When I saw the gowns I instantly pictured the shoot I wanted to happen. Aliens Landing in this unknown desert landscape. haha I’m totally serious thats what I pictured, and I think we nailed it.

Dance shoot on film- Arkansas

When I was in Arkansas a few months ago shooting a wedding, I took  a few minutes the day after to shoot the brides little sister out in the gorgeous  nature surrounding us there. I found out she was a dancer  and instantly pictured a shoot.

Dance was my whole life up until the day I graduated high school, so now photographing dancers is really the only way I get to be a part of that world again once and a while.

It was so humid I could hardly breathe but the greenery was like nothing Ive ever seen. Everything was SOOOO lush green like it was fake. We also saw the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life while shooting these.. it was as big as my hand at least. Freakiest thing ever :/

enjoy 🙂

Destiny's Valentines Day Boudoir shoot- Jessica Janae studios Salt Lake City, Utah

This woman is insane beautiful it blows my mind. We met on instagram and I just love her. She has the most gorgeous family I’ve ever seen!!
We shot these as a V’day present for her hub and she gave me permission to post them which is always a treat cuz I never get to post Boudoir sessions!
We shot these at my studio downtown Salt Lake City, Utah in the gorgeous natural light. I love shooting boudoir, it’s definitely one of my favorite things. The women always come scared out the their minds and then leave feeling like a super model. Which is my goal!!
enjoy xo

Faded Royals- Fashion shoot with Eliana Smith Designs

This is a shoot I did back in August with Eliana Smith designs. Her gowns were amazing…

I styled the shoot to exactly how I’ve always envisioned a shoot I would do with gowns someday.. Like a secret hidden garden that some princesses escape from life in or something. 

We shot at Thanksgiving Point in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This shoot also had a full spread and a cover in Fashion Affair Magazine! The cover was a surprise to me, I was soooo excited when I found out. You can view the spread here: