Stacey and Jordan Engagement session- Salt Lake City, Utah

I love the winter feel to this shoot. We shot these at the top of a canyon right when fall was about over. I remember seeing little patches of snow up there and freaking out cuz I’m just never ready for winter!!!

I’ve never found a more beautiful gold spot in my life. It was the real life yellow brick road just covered in gold leaves. Stacey, might I add, hiked up a very steep and pretty long hill in heels to get there. She’s nuts! In the best way of course 🙂

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Now Booking Boudoir sessions for VALENTINES day gifts!

I absolutely LOVE shooting boudoir. I Love when a woman comes in and is so nervous and freaking out telling me they’re so awkward and they cant believe their doing this blah blah…. and then by the end they look and feel like  a model, like they’ve done photo shoots their whole life.!!

Anyways Its the perfect gift to give to your significant other for Valentines because with most couples your man would NEVER expect for you to do something like this. I love it!!!

I am booking the last week of December and first few weeks of January all with Boudoir shoots. I want every man to get some smoking hot pics of their women for Valentines this year!

email me ASAP at to get the pricing info and whats included etc and to reserve a spot!

Heres a few examples of some boudoir I’ve done and loved.

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"Vogue version of Professor Umbridge" – Shoot with Fashion blogger Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde

photocrati galleryAs you probably already know I’m Amber’s photographer for her outfit posts. We are together a lot shooting and I still love shooting her…I choose all the locations for our shoots after I see her outfits. Locations make a HUGE difference especially with fashion bloggers I think. I see a lot of girls who post themselves standing in the same location everyday which is a tinch boring :/ We’ve never shot at the same location ever. And all of them are 5 min or less away from each other! You just have to look at buildings and streets etc in a new light.

Anyways, When I saw this pink coat I knew we had to do it with tons of insane pink all around. This shoot reminds me of the “Vogue version of Professor Umbridge.”  If you read Harry Potter you’ll know why 🙂


Cary and Alexia Engagements- SLC and Sundance, Utah

I’m so glad I met this couple. I felt like we were all BFFs the first time we met. We had to split up their engagements between two days because I had just flown in from California the day we planned on shooting the and my plane landed way late.. So the first pictures we shot downtown Salt Lake City and then like 2 weeks later we shot the second half in Sundance! I was a little worried cuz it was raining and snowing all day, but I LOVE how it turned out. There is a very wintery mood to the pictures that I wasn’t originally planning on. And I mean come on, the snow flakes were magic!

Cary and Alexia are incredibly easy to shoot. They both are stunning and just glow with happiness that really shines through in the shots. I loved them so much I had them model for my “Posing and Interacting with clients” seminar a few weeks ago. Everyone was just drooling over how beautiful they are haha. PS: doesn’t she look like January Jones???

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

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Cortney Bridal shoot- Sale Lake City, Utah

We shot the first half of Cortney’s bridals in my natural light studio in SLC, Utah Her dress was just GORGEOUS and I knew the studio would be perfect and classy to match it. We then went and took pictures with her fiance’s horse. Which apparently he loves ujst about as much as he loves Cortney 🙂 He had no idea she was doing that so he was really cute and surprised when he saw them. Love this girl, love how these shots turned out!

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Mykenzie and Brett Fall Bridal Shoot- Utah

So first off I am just so happy I met this couple, they are unbelievably sweet and cute and kind and beautiful and I just cant get enough of their awesomeness. We shot these literally off the side of the road behind some houses up on the hill in Bountiful, Utah. It was on accident that we even found this spot but it turned out perfectly!! You would never know its in a neighborhood haha. I’m actually leaving to shoot this couple’s wedding in just a few hours in Salt Lake City, Cant wait! love you guys!!

Mykenzie’s hair was done by Jillian Silva

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Jocelyn and Dannie Wedding day- Idaho Falls, Idaho

I arrived to this beautiful piece of land in Idaho Falls, Idaho and about died. Jocelyn’s home is amazing. surrounded by fields and ponds and fountains. They got ready there at home and then were married in the Idaho Falls temple. The reception was also at their home and was just unreal. I’ve never seen that much detail put into a backyard reception…

I absolutely loved these two and am definitely gonna shoot them in the future 🙂

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Preston Fall Family Shoot- Park City, Utah

This family was so cute. Like seriously their kids were beautiful. I could not get over the little girls eyes. She looked like a little cartoon character her eyes were so amazing! They all behaved incredibly well I might add, usually I’m running all over the place trying to get a shot of each of the kids but they just chatted with me and stood where I asked. It was fantastic.


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Vox Magazine Editorial- Salt Lake City, Utah

I am just getting caught up on posting all the shoots that have been needing posting! So no one take it personal if you havn’t seen me post your shoot yet! I’ve been so busy I keep forgetting..

Anyways, Im excited to finally post all of these!!! The stunning Megan Beckham who is the owner/editor in chief of Vox Magazine asked me to take the promotional pictures for the magazines release. After she showed me the models and wanted my input on locations and outfits etc I knew it would be killer. We just had the coolest sexiest chicks around.

I really wanted it to be dark outside for the shoot so we waited just until the sun was behind the mountain to begin. I dont think I got home until like 3am… it was a successful crazy night of shooting 🙂


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