bahama mamma- daily outfit shoot with fashion blogger Ambler Clark

Heres one of the recent daily outfit shoots I did for Amber of . Kinda obsessed with this dress.

Wish I could pull that off.

She could wear a bag and look amazing!!!

I Loved this location with her outfit, we just drive around and pull over when I see something. this was right off the side of the road and I saw the light, the billboard and the tropical looking bushes mixed with the black top ground. It was perfect. tropical grundge. bam.


Julie + JP engagement shoot- Utah mountains

I am IN LOVE with these cuteies. I mean seriously in love. Like I’ll probably cry when I shoot their wedding.

It’s getting serious.

So everything they are wearing is from the DI. yes the DI. I know.

When I first saw them I instantly thought, oh they both are wearing full Urban Outfitters for sure. but nope, they’re total insane amazing thrifters!!!

You might wanna take a breath before you look through these. get ready for some incredible scenery.



Tessa + Cole couple shoot at the farmer's market

“my chick bad

my chick hood

my chick do stuff

that your chick wish she could.”

no big, thats just the first thing that popped into my head whilst deciding what to say for this post.

I’ve always wanted to do a shoot at the farmer’s market in SLC..

Tessa is my homie. I love her to death. And I never thought she would find a guy as rad as her. but low and behold… there was Cole. look at that dreamy face! come on you two! give me a break!

xoxo love you guys. this shoot was so fun and chill…


Me and my husband and baby went on a little weekend trip to Vegas!!

After a long day of shopping and eating and more shopping and more eating my my husband and baby crashed at the hotel. I wasn’t quite done for the day yet so I went walking by myself around the strip shooting anything and everything that caught my attention.

I met some cute show girls who let me do a little 5 minute shoot of them while they were out on the sidewalk charging people to take pics with them. Everyone starred at us like it was the weirdest thing they ever saw. let them stare 🙂

So here is Vegas through my eyes.

Chandler Dance Shoot

This perfect human is Chandler. She is one of the most captivating dancers I have ever seen. I choreographed a dance she was in this past year and she danced it better than I could have ever imagined…

For dance shoots I usually use the city or very urban looking locations so we can shoot with all the cool shapes and lines and architecture you find in the city, but this time we did something completely different.

can you believe her lines? amazing.