Hansen Family – Logan canyon

I really enjoyed shooting this family. I am absolutely in love with the kids!! They cracked me up so bad..The youngest boy was obsessed with zombies it was hilarious. We shot these up Logan canyon at a little spot where the parents got engaged. So sweet. The day was just heaven!

Pretty much I just let them play and throw stuff at me and run around their parents the whole time, so I think they had a fairly good time as well 🙂 Honestly thats the best tactic I have ever come up with for shooting kids, make them your bff before you start and then they just have a good time. If you force them to sit there and stare at you and pose they’ll be miserable.

Fashion Shoot with Amber Fillerup Clark from the BarefootBlonde Blog

Newest client of mine, Amber Clark, reminds me why I love my job. But I cant even call her a client cuz we became instant friends from the first second we met!

I love shooting the amazing outfits she puts together every day… she’s about the easiest thing to photograph ever.

We have quite fun roaming the city 🙂

Head over to her blog for tons of tutorials and giveaways and insane chic outfits!




Allison + Paul Bridals- Bountiful, Utah

I can honestly say I have never had a bride and groom want pictures in the middle of a river. She just hiked up her dress, tromped through the river in her water shoes, and then balanced on a rock for the rest of the time. It was pretty sick 🙂

Excited to shoot their backyard wedding this Saturday!

Something beautiful is coming…

My favorite shoot to date is in the editing process right now and I am so excited to post it I want to throw up. For realz tho.

Heres a little sneak peek.. just wait till you see the colors and the face of this model and the styling etc etc etc etc. I just dont wanna give away too much yet. So side  shot, out of focus, black and white pic is all you get for now 🙂


Jessica Janae Photography will be in LAS VEGAS!!

I will be in Las Vegas August 4th, 5th and 6th !

Contact me if you would like to book a shoot! I would love to do a fun engagement or bridal shoot out there or anything really. I’m willing to discount if you let me use some of my ideas 🙂

If anyone is interested let me know ASAP!

xoxo jessica


This is a shot from a recent bridal session with this gorgeous mother of 3!

more to come soon 🙂

One Shot- Dance photo shoot

One of my favorite shots from a gorgeous dance shoot I did with Chandler a few weeks ago. I cant wait to post the whole thing!! It’s so much different than other dance shoots I have done in the past.

I just love this girl. She has the most beautiful spirit.

Lost in the desert- Fashion shoot with Amber Fillerup Clark

We may or may not have almost driven to Wendover accidentally for this shoot.. So when I say “lost in the desert” I’m not just trying to sound all cool and artsy haha.

This day of shooting was among the best EVER. We just shoot together so effortlessly. I love when that happens with a model, just totally thinking the same thing. Amber is unreal gorgeous and can literally wear anything. Love this chick so much already and I’ve only met her once. She is doing a giveaway on her blog today for the shoes and necklace from this shoot so hop on over there and check it out!