Seafolly swim fashion shoot- Makenna

Two of my favorite shots from my recent shoot with my fave little Makenna. Not only is she my muse, adopted daughter, and go to model, but she is also one of my closest friends. We just laugh our eyeballs out every time we shoot. You’d never know it though from these shots. I’m sure we we’re being freaks right before this and she was making some UGLay faces and  then BAM she just goes into perfect mode.

The suit she is wearing is a Seafolly suit, (an Australian swimwear line.) enjoy!



Rousch Rich Photo Shoot

Patrick James aka Rousch Rich.  Always knew he would be famous. He is one talented human being with more personality than any guy I know. His voice is unreal. Absolute god given talent.  He just lives in the moment and loves every second of it. We were so on the same page for this shoot. Just pure craziness and a lot of awkward looks from people, just how we like it. I’ve been dying to post this shoot!

Birth Story Photoshoot | Infant Photography

I love birth story photo shoots!  I usually spend my time doing wedding photography and fashion photography so when I get a chance to take pictures of an infant it’s a treat!

Jared texted me at about 7am letting me know Amanda was at a 2. So I slowly got ready and just lounged around. Then only a half hout later he texted me again and said “she’s at an 8!!!!” so I totally panicked. I sped to the hospital and was freaking out. But as you can see I made it just in time.

It was so amazing to see my gorgeous fashionmodel + muse + friend become a mommy 🙂 She looked beautiful and so excited even though you could tell she’d been there all night waiting and waiting and contracting. Once they started pushing it literally took minutes to get him out. It was incredible to see. I cry every time I photograph a birth story, especially when its a good friend. William was born at 9:40am, was 6lbs 9ounces, and 20 inches long. A perfect little bundle. He was such a cute newborn. I couldn’t say anything but, “he is soooooooo cute!!!” He had a perfect round head and face and cute chubby lips. The sweetest part was seeing him with Amanda the first time. He completely calmed down and opened his eyes and starred into his parents faces.

I am honored to have been a part of this day with you guys. I love you!!



A night in Park City, Ut

These are my two best friends. They mean the world to me. We have a little too much of a good time together.. For my friend Makell’s 21st brithday we took her up to park city, got nice hotel room and partied. While we were getting ready I took some shots of them. The light was nuts!!! I love light that is unconventional to shoot in…

Madison + Riley engagements

I’m so happy with how this session turned out! We shot on her aunts gorgeous property in Layton, Utah. Her house is really old and cute surrounded by lots of trees and roses and gorgeous bushes. I shot with these two with their 2 cute pug dogs back in the fall and they wanted some more in the spring when it was nice and flowery and sunny out. They told me that at the last session they were in a big fight hahah I had no idea! They faked it well 🙂 I dont think they were fighting this time. I guess I’ll never know.


Jessica + Mitchell Wedding

Oh this wedding. It couldn’t have been more perfect. It started with her flowy stunning dress, her amazing hair and perfect jewelry pieces. Then the groom and his crazy groom’s men getting the day started off right 🙂

The outdoor wedding was so gorgeous surrounded by tall trees and lots of sun. The rest of the night was just one huge party. Just how I like it!

I so enjoyed getting to know you two. I know you’ll have a beautiful life together..



Tarah + Stevie engagements

Hello blonde bombshell. I loved shooting these two gorgeous people. We started out at an abandoned house and then went and played around 9th and 9th, the cutest little street in SLC. Stevie’s parents came along to the shoot which I was worried about at first cuz usually if a parent comes they fix every little hair on the couples head and tell them what to do and tell me what to do etc.. but these parents were awesome! they just hung out! I didn’t even know they were there. And after, they bought be a Pear Gelato. heavenly!